Elegant Group Villa Near Paris

The Petite Richardière is the destination of choice for families, friends, and businesses seeking a group villa in France. A short drive from Paris, our cozy early 19th century farm house is a great venue for your events. We host anniversaries, small weddings, birthdays, and many other family events.

The group villa also serves as a great place to relax and unwind with friends. The huge property and numerous activities make it a highly sought after location for company retreats, small conferences, and team building retreats.

Additional Information

    • Catering: we recommend M Guinnebert Durtal +33 2 41 76 32 88 MJ Prestige Visit Website or Oprestige Visit Website Baugé.
    • 2 Bedrooms with breakfast in nearby Fougeré. Ask for Arlette Dupont at Epinay +33 2 41 90 1457.